Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to quit smoking.

While my previous posting outlined the problems of a cigarette addict, it offered no solutions. I know a solution - imprisonment.

After much deep thinking, I believe the best way to quit smoking is to lock the addict up in a jail cell for a week or two. Maybe some bright entrepreneur could launch his or her new "service" that makes people stop smoking? Here's how it could work:

First, customers pay a fee and sign some paperwork. The paperwork gives the company providing the service the ability to imprison the customer in a jail for a specified amount of time. During the stay in the jail cell, the customer is provided with all of the things necessary to sustain life - food, water, television and Internet access - but no tobacco products. When the service is completed, the customer should be free of his or her tobacco addiction. It could be as simple as that!

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  1. Hi James,
    To quit smoking set a quit day and don't buy cigarettes after setting quit day. Save money you would spend on cigarettes and plan for a treat tomorrow. Do start exercise, sport or some physical activity and watch what you eat.