Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Psycho" awesome on Blu-ray!

Within the past year, I purchased one of my favorite classic movies, "Psycho," on Blu-ray. Back in the 1980s, I bought the VHS version of the film. In the late 1990s, I bought it on DVD. Now, the Blu-ray. If you have this movie in any format, it's a good one to break out during the weeks leading up to Halloween. I recently showed it to my son and nephew and it was great because they knew nothing about it. It was special to witness their surprise at some of the shocking sequences, especially the conclusion. Below is a review I recently wrote on Amazon:

Alfred Hitchcock's horror classic has never looked better than on this spectacular Blu-ray release from Universal. It looks like it could have been made yesterday. I owned this originally on VHS tape and then DVD, and this version is leaps and bounds ahead of those previous home video releases in terms of quality. The black-and-white image on the Blu-ray is solid, and the 5.1 Dolby surround sound enhances greatly the musical score and sound effects. For purists, the original mono soundtrack is included.

You can't go wrong with "Psycho." It was fun showing it to some of the younger ones in my family who knew nothing about it. Now, if Universal could get around to finally releasing Hitchcock's "The Birds" on Blu-ray (it's been available for pre-order now for over a year), things would be great. Also looking forward to Blu-ray releases of "Vertigo" and "Rear Window." Come to think of it, I'm looking forward to Blu-ray releases of all Hitchcock's classics. Would love to get my hands on a 3D Blu-ray of "Dial M for Murder." And some of the older ones like "Rebecca," "Lifeboat," and "Notorious" would be nice, too.

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