Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is there something worse than alien abduction?

One of the most terrifying possibilities involving alleged real extraterrestrials is that some are mutilating humans to death. Just like cattle mutilations that are apparently caused by aliens, some investigators allege that humans sometimes fall victim to these heinous acts. One of the plotlines in my new science fiction fantasy adventure ebook for Kindle, THE NINTH LEG, centers on human mutilation by aliens. Not only does this allegedly real phenomenon play an integral part in the novel, the reason why it might occur is explained in the book's most horrifying sequence.

Below is a link to the page on Amazon where you can find my book. However, before you click it, please take the time to read an article below the link that I published in 2009 about human mutilation by aliens.

Are aliens mutilating humans?

If you see a UFO, run. That was the simple message delivered by Butch Witkowski, the Mutual UFO Network’s top investigator in Pennsylvania, during the PA MUFON conference in 2009. Witkowski spoke during the conference about one aspect of the extraterrestrial reality that is rarely discussed by UFO researchers – human mutilation. The UFO problem initially came to the atention of the public in 1947 when numerous sightings of flying saucers were reported. In the 1950s, reports of landed saucers and humanoid beings surfaced. In the 1960s, the abduction facet of the UFO issue was brought to light by the Betty and Barney Hill case. In the late 1960s through the 1970s, cattle mutilations were introduced into the fold of the UFO problem as another issue apparently brought about by alien visitors. Conspiracy theories regarding the government’s apparent cover-up of the extraterrestrial/UFO reality were all the rage throughout the 1980s and 1990s as stories about the Roswell Incident and Area 51 found their way to the public domain.

At the dawn of the new century, it started to become apparent to some researchers – most notably Dr. David M. Jacobs – that the aliens were conducting a human hybridization program that involved mixing human DNA with extraterrestrial DNA in an effort to populate the planet with a new species. The purpose of this, as Jacobs pointed out in his 1999 book, “The Threat,” is to take complete control of the planet at some point. One of the biggest issues surely to be a hot topic among UFO researchers during the new decade will certainly be the mutilation of humans by aliens.

Although human mutilation stories have been featured in articles on some Internet websites, they have rarely been mentioned in books written by UFO researchers. As the decade progresses, that is sure to change, and world governments at some point will be compelled to address the problem. Like cattle mutilation cases, humans who are allegedly mutilated by aliens are usually found completely drained of blood. Other characteristics can include the apparent surgical removal of eyeballs, ears, reproductive organs, jaws, and tongues. Victims’ anuses are also sometimes cored out.

As part of his presentation on human mutilation, Witkowski – a retired police homicide investigator with 27 years experience – reported he is investigating the mysterious death of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania resident Todd Sees in 2002. Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center, initially reported the story that Sees might have been mutilated and killed by extraterrestrials in August 2002. At about 5 a.m. Aug. 4, 2002, Sees, 39, told his wife he was going to spot early season deer near their home and that he would return at noon. Sees, however, did not return at noon, and authorities were later contacted and a massive search ensued, according to Davenport. Tracking dogs were used in the effort to find Sees but could never find his scent. The only thing investigators found was Sees' all terrain vehicle, which Sees had apparently driven along a power line road near his home to the top of Montour Ridge, and one of Sees’ shoes at the top of a tree, according to Davenport. Two days into the search – which involved up to 100 volunteer searchers – Sees’ body was discovered in some heavy brush very near his home, Davenport said. Authorities would not allow Sees’ family to see the body and also recommended that they have a closed-casket viewing, according to information compiled by Davenport.

Point Township Police, which handled the case, apparently contacted the FBI at some point during the investigation, but the reason for that is unclear, Witkowski said. Davenport said in a recent interview that, in the same month Sees’ body was discovered, anonymous sources contacted NUFORC with information on the matter. According to information from the anonymous sources, some farmers had sighted a UFO hovering over the top of Montour Ridge where Sees is believed to have driven to on his ATV. Later in 2002, Northumberland County Coroner James Kelley sent out a press release that indicated Sees died from “cocaine toxicity.” Davenport, however, had received information earlier that indicated Sees may have been mutilated. Another strange aspect of the case that Davenport learned from one of his anonymous sources was that military helicopters were seen scouring the area where Sees disappeared days after the body was found. Davenport said he alerted MUFON in 2002 about the incident because he felt it warranted further investigation. Although he was glad to learn MUFON is finally investigating the case, he said it might have been easier if it was launched earlier.

Witkowski promised during his presentation that he would find out what happened to Sees. Witkowski said he recently spoke to a Point Township police sergeant who threatened to arrest the MUFON investigator for asking questions about the matter. Witkowski said he asked the sergeant why it was reported in 2002 that Sees died from a cocaine overdose when the case is still considered open by police. He also reported that another MUFON investigator is looking into another possible mutilation case that occurred recently in Colorado. Regarding the Todd Sees case, Witkowski said Sees’ family was at first totally against MUFON investigating the matter, but is now “100 percent” behind the effort to get answers.

Witkowski also offered some words of wisdom. “If you see one (UFO), run,” he said. “Take your picture. Run. Take a mental picture. Run. … You need to run.”

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