Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Robert Osborne returning to TCM Dec. 1!

Robert Osborne, the excellent host for commercial-free cable network Turner Classic Movies, is scheduled to return to work on December 1.

Osborne, 79, has been the on-air host for TCM since 1994, but has been out of action since the early summer. It was announced in July that he was taking a short vacation for minor surgery. However, many fans of Osborne became concerned when the host's vacation seemed to last a little longer than expected. Guest hosts such as Peter Travers, the movie critic for Rolling Stone Magazine, and actress Winona Ryder, have been filling in for Osborne.

However, a smiling Osborne began appearing in short blurbs on TCM recently to let viewers know he'll be returning Dec. 1.

TCM is considered by many television buffs as one of the best cable channels available. It broadcasts classic, uncut, commercial-free movies 24 hours per day. The network is now available in high definition, but many cable companies, as well as satellite giant Directv, have failed to offer the HD version yet in their lineups. Osborne regularly introduces films shown during primetime hours, as well as provides additional tidbits about the features when they end.

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