Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Imagine Hitler's head in a robot!

The primary villain in my new science fiction fantasy adventure novel, THE NINTH LEG, is none other than notorious historical mass murderer Adolf Hitler. Unfortunately for Don Black, the book's protagonist, he has to help a race of aliens defeat and destroy Hitler and his army of extraterrestrial Nazis. Making that task next to impossible to accomplish is the chilling reality that Hitler's head is being kept alive inside an indestructible robot body. The fantastic chain of events that sends Don Black and his nemesis into their incredible positions is detailed throughout the novel. However, below is an excerpt from the part in the novel when Don first sees Hitler, whose holographic image appears in the sky on the alien world where Don is trapped.

Excerpt from THE NINTH LEG
Copyright 2011 James Quirk

The humanoid thing depicted in the hologram was clearly a sort of robot. It was silver in color and had bulky robotic legs, thick rectangular feet, long robotic arms that had pincers instead of hands, and a large robotic trunk that was covered with small blinking lights. The whole thing appeared anthropomorphic in construction except for one detail - it had a real human head. The head was housed completely inside a block-shaped, silver-colored helmet, and a face could clearly be seen behind a square glass window on the front of the helmet. Even if the center of the robot’s chest did not sport the obvious Nazi swastika, Don Black would still have known that the face beneath the robot helmet was supposed to belong to – or perhaps actually belong to - Adolf Hitler. The black hair parted neatly to one side, the little mustache, the piercing eyes … all of the characteristics of Adolf Hitler’s face were embodied beneath the helmets of the robot holographs looking down from the sky. There was no mistake about it - the robot had Hitler’s face. The voice coming from the robot holograph that was entering Don’s mind telepathically even sounded like the voice of Adolf Hitler that Don had heard many times before while watching televised documentaries about the man and Nazi Germany. The only difference was that this Hitler was speaking English. The lips of the Hitler automaton were moving as words entered Don’s mind, but the mouth movements were not corresponding to the words. It reminded Don of watching a foreign language film dubbed in English. Don remembered the words Mariumba had shared with him when they first met. Intelligent communication between minds requires no language. Regardless, Don Black could not make himself believe that the face staring down from the sky belonged to the actual Adolf Hitler.
Hitler committed suicide in 1945. I was kidnapped by the Greys in the summer of 2011. This can’t be the real Hitler. If it’s not the real Hitler, then what is it? Have I gone completely mad?
The Hitler thing finished delivering loudly and clearly its repetitive message and started delivering the same, obviously scripted message again, loudly and clearly, from the beginning.
I am the supreme leader of the Nordic Aryan Reich. We have assumed control of your planet. We are in charge now. Your power sources have been destroyed and the beasts of Arachnia are no longer under your control. Your elders are advised to surrender immediately. If your leaders choose not to surrender within the next three days, we will release a poison gas into the atmosphere that will kill every living thing on the planet. I repeat …”

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